Services for YOUR style…

Interior Redesign & Home Staging Services in Maryland & Washington DC 

Interior Redesign –


Divine Touches Interiors will make any room wonderful by using items you have already purchased.  We bring warmth and excitement to these rooms making them beautiful.

$450/room (main living areas and bedrooms) Smaller areas may be less


Room Design Plans


Divine Touches Interiors will provide you with the complete room design using your furniture - complete with recommendations for lighting, art, plants and accessories.  You use these do-it-yourself plans to make your room beautiful!

$200/room - all living areas


Real Estate Staging –


Selling your home?  Get the best price with home staging.  Divine Touches Interiors will evaluate your home from the curb throughout the interior.  Real estate staging makes your home seem larger and brighter by bringing out the many architectural features of each room.   Your home will be optimized for a faster sale.

Initial Evaluation - $200 minimum, Staging - $100/hour


Move-in Service –


With all the excitement of finding your new home you may find yourself wondering how to turn your new house into a fabulous one in the least amount of time. Using  your furniture, artwork and accessories we can maximize your space and make it beautiful in just 3 days!

3 days - 6 hours each day - $2,100


In-Home Consultations –


Can’t decide on a paint color or a faux finish?  Need help choosing the right curtains?  What type of lighting or accessories should you purchase?  Divine Touches Interiors can help you find the right solution for these and other items.  

$100/hour (1 hour minimum)


Client Shopping –


We encourage our clients to shop for recommended items themselves but they sometimes lack the confidence to do so.  Divine Touches Interiors will either shop for you or with you to find the right items to make your room Heavenly.



Holiday & Party Decorating –


Holidays and parties are special times to spend with family and friends. During these times we want our homes to look and feel special but time is not always available for us to decorate our homes the way we want.  Divine Touches Interiors can make your holiday and party decorating woes go away.  Using the decorations you have already purchased we will transform your stairwell and/or foyer, tables and patios into fabulous places.

$65/hour (3 hour minimum)


 Project Management –  

We can manage your large projects - landscaping, hardscapes, interior remodeling, etc for you while you are at work or on vacation.  We will assist with contract negotiation and help finalize plans.  Divine Touches Interiors will manage and ensure that your job is completed as accurately and as timely as possible.  

Fees are individually assessed.